Rowenta XForce Flex 14.60 RH9958 Broom vacuum cleaner, cordless, head with Led lights, high power, parking position, removable 32.4 V battery, 70 min autonomy with flexible tube, HEPA filter

  • Cordless broom vacuum cleaner with Digital Force motor, offers a maximum suction power of 200 airwatts, for deep cleaning throughout your home. In addition, its HEPA filter captures even the finest particles, while releasing pure air
  • Greater autonomy without cable: with 9 cells and 32.4 V of power, the easy extraction battery guarantees constant cleaning for up to 70 minutes
  • 5 power levels according to your needs to achieve more efficient cleaning sessions throughout your home: Surface mode, to vacuum furniture, Eco mode and Eco +
  • Flexibility combines with suction power to clean every corner of your home with exceptional performance and reaches up to 4 times further under furniture without bending over thanks to its Deep Power LED Vision head.
  • Use the trigger for when you need an extra power, you will only activate the Boost function while you keep it pressed. Save battery without giving up its great power
  • Clean any surface from hard floors to carpets or large spaces thanks to its unique Deep Power Led Vision head that vacuums even large debris such as popcorn or nuts and filters up to 99.9% of dirt
  • Practical accessories: mini electric brush, 1 nozzle for crevices and more inaccessible areas, a brush for the sofa, a wall base for charging and storage and 2 brushes for details, plus an extra filter on the go
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Introducing the new X-Force 14.60 Animal Care cordless vacuum cleaner. Enjoy the new cleaning experience that offers a unique combination of high-tech innovations: Flex technology, digital control display, Deep Power Led Vision head and much more. Efficient cleaning.

What sets it apart from the rest…


Optimized suction

Its Digital Force motor, thanks to its intelligent electronic system, adjusts the speed of the aerodynamic blades, which optimizes suction.


powerful engine

It offers a maximum suction power of 200 airwatts, for deep cleaning throughout your home.


constant cleaning

The 9-cell, 32.4V, easy-remove battery offers powerful, consistent cleaning for up to 1 hour and 10 minutes on Eco setting in one go.


High autonomy

The removable battery recharges quickly in 3 hours, you can increase the autonomy time by purchasing an additional battery.

We explain how to optimize cleaning


Digital screen to control your device

Shows in real time, by minutes or by percentage and the remaining autonomy. Adjust its 5 power levels to your needs: Surfaces mode and vacuum furniture, Eco and Eco mode + daily use, Max mode for hard floors, animal hair and large dirt and extra power Boost mode.


Reaches 4 times as far under furniture

Clean every corner of your house and remove dirt from any corner thanks to its flexible tube. Get up to 4 times further under furniture* effortlessly with its high performance and Deep Power LED Vision head.

*Compared to non-flexible tubing under low cabinets

At your fingertips with a single click


Deep clean and save energy

The Boost function controls the power using the trigger for extra power, activated when you press it. Clean any surface, hard floors, carpets, rugs or large surfaces; with its unique Deep Power Led Vision head. Even leftovers like popcorn or nuts.


Pet accessories

It includes a mini electric brush to remove hair and dirt, a nozzle for crevices and more inaccessible areas, a brush for the sofa and bedding, a wall base to charge and store your vacuum cleaner. Two integrated brushes to clean on the go and an extra filter.

Get great cleaning benefits


99.9% filtration for clean air

X-Force Flex 14.60 offers the best hygiene and filtration thanks to its technology that allows it to filter 99.9% of dirt. It captures even the smallest particles ensuring that the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner after being filtered is pure air.


Easy maintenance

A versatile capacity of up to 0.9 L that allows you to clean large surfaces and reduce the frequency of emptying. The tank is designed so that you can empty it in an instant, without having to remove the tube. The dirt container, the filter and the cyclone system are washable.

Technical details




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