Rowenta X-plorer Series 75 RR7647 Robot vacuum cleaner with 2700 Pa mapping mop, special pets and allergies, compatible with smartphones and voice assistants with 3 mops: standard, Animal Scrub and Allergy

  • 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: vacuums with a suction force of 2700 Pa with brushless BLCD motor, scrubs with a mop and water tank, sweeps with its 2 side brushes for corners and cleans in depth with the Animal Turbo central brush for animal hair. pets and messy messes
  • Personalized settings: you can edit the map that the robot creates of your house, establish prohibited areas, activate the cleaning of a localized area, or a specific room, among other functions
  • Free app "Rowenta Explorer Series 75 & 95" (for iOS and Android) helps you with the cleaning and maintenance schedule of your home; compatible with voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and with Siri for mobile
  • Special for pets: Animal Turbo motorized brush designed in two materials (silicone and Nylon) captures pet hair and the special Animal Scrub mop, cleans the toughest stains (also includes a standard mop for the lightest dirt)
  • 4 power modes (Eco, Standard, High, Boost) controllable from the app to put effortless cleaning at your fingertips; In addition, its mop system with a water tank will remove even millimetric dirt.
  • Carpet Auto Boost: Offers versatile cleaning without you having to lift a finger by automatically adjusting the power level for carpet cleaning
  • Anti-allergy kit: the special anti-allergy mop generates an electrostatic effect to remove fine dust particles, while its high-performance filter captures up to 99.9% of dust particles
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Explorer Serie 75 Total Care RR7647

Introducing your smart and powerful ally against pet hair and allergens. Latest technology and a modern and intuitive cleaning experience that will leave your home spotless.

Wondering how easy it is to connect your Explorer 75 Series Total Care to your voice assistant? We explain step by step how simple it is


Delegate the cleaning of the floor of your home to Explorer Series 75 Total Care


infallible autonomy

Autonomy 60 min (boost) – 120 min (eco) with a charging time of 4 hours. Mapping and powerful suction force of 2700 Pa to have your perfect home


Ideal for allergies and pets

It is designed for those users with allergies and with animals since its accessories are designed to make your home a more comfortable place.


Real-time cleaning

You will be able to program it so that it cleans where you want when you want. In addition, you will be able to see on the map, in real time, what it is cleaning


Controllable from the app

Download the App on your mobile and put all the cleaning power in your hand. You will be able to delimit prohibited areas, map your house, personalize rooms…

Simplicity in its assembly, complete cleaning


Multifunction brushes

Its rotating side brushes will catch the dust and lint around you. Its motorized brush will absorb dirt with great performance


Easy to use mop

You will only have to fill the water tank and incorporate the mop with its velcros into the tank. Removing it will be just as easy


Washable Mopas

Thanks to its microfiber mop, the use of detergents or other polluting products is not required, although you can use them.


special accessories

Animal Turbo central brush to get rid of pet hair and 3 Animal Scrub mops, standard and Allergy. They will cover all your needs






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