robotic vacuum cleaner with mop, vacuums, sweeps, mops, mops, personalized permanent mapping, WiFi connectivity, compatible with voice assistants

  • Robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum, mop and scrub; precise navigation, permanent mapping and personalized configurations, being compatible with Alexa and Google Home; separation of air and dirt, especially for people with allergies
  • The Aqua Force system scrubs the floor while vacuuming to remove even the finest particles from the first pass; its two side brushes reach every corner, for versatile cleaning on both hard floors and carpets
  • An intelligent and unique combination of infrared sensors that allows avoiding obstacles and avoiding falls
  • Motorized brush: Discover high-performance cleaning with the motorized brush, for visible results you can count on day after day
  • Automatic Wi-Fi connection offers a quick and worry-free setup process so you can get your robot up and running quickly
  • The 3 powers (Eco, Standard, Boost), for an automatic cleaning experience; and 6 integrated cleaning modes: Smart, Specific zones, Prohibited zones, Punctual stays (one or several), Exit the base and Return to the base
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity, automatic connection in a few steps ensures a fast connection without an annoying setup process
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With the Rowenta X-plorer 60 robot vacuum cleaner with mop you can clean your home and remove dirt. Its Aqua Power system with mop and water tank scrubs the floor while sucking up dirt: a true 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that guarantees visibly perfect results. Its high-performance filter captures 99.9% of particles. The X-plorer Series 60 is the slimmest robot vacuum cleaner* , with a height of only 6 cm to vacuum even under the lowest furniture. Its methodical navigation system, Smart Exploration 4.0, covers the entire surface of your home with exceptional accuracy. In addition, its use is extremely intuitive and easy: you just have to connect to the application to be able to control the robot vacuum cleaner remotely at any time and from anywhere.

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Robot aspirador X-plorer Serie 80 Allergy Care Connect RR7747WH Robot Aspirador X-plorer Serie 60 Allergy Care Connect RR7447WH Robot Aspirador X-plorer Series 40 Animal Care + Cinta Magnetic Connect RR7267WH Rowenta Smart Force X-plorer Aqua RR6871WH
navigation technology Camera, laser and infrared sensors Gyroscope, Tof side camera and infrared sensors infrared sensors infrared sensors
Autonomy in minutes 90 min in potency Eco, 75 min in Standard and 60 min in Boost 90 min 150 min 150 min
Rowenta Robots APP for cleaning programming
Personalized room management and mapping
Virtual Assistant
High efficiency filtration and foam ✓ Special pets ✓ Special allergies ✓ Special pets
Vacuum, sweep, scrub and mop
Specific motorized brush and side brushes Animal Turbo Brush Animal Turbo Brush Animal Turbo Brush standard brush
connectivity WiFi and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant WiFi and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant WiFi and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant Remote controlled by remote control
programming Permanent mapping, prohibited and specific areas, specific stays, programming, personalization of stays, day/hour programming and historical information Automatic multipower, detects the type of soil, day and time programming Cleaning schedule setting days and times when it should be put into operation Cleaning schedule setting days and times when it should be put into operation

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