Cecotec Pack of 3 Hygienic Bags for Conga Home 10000 – Compatible with Conga Home 10000 Self-Drilling Base, 2.5 L Capacity

  • Pack of 3 hygienic bags for Conga Home 10,000 self-healing base.
  • Hygienic bags facilitate no direct contact with dust and dirt, thus avoiding staining.
  • 2.5L bag capacity
  • Autonomy of up to 8 weeks (The time between emptyings will depend on environmental conditions and use habits).
  • Easy insertion and removal of the bag thanks to the mounting bracket.
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Pack of 3 hygiene bags for the Conga Home 10,000 autovating base. 2.5L bag capacity

Technical Details


‎2.5 l


‎100 g