Cecotec Conga Rockstar 1200 Ultimate ErgoFlex Cordless Broom Vacuum Cleaner. Digital, 3 in 1, 430 W, 24 kPa, Automatic Mode, 65 minutes Autonomy, Flexible Tube, Accessory Kit

  • 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner: vertical, broom and handheld, with brushless digital motor, maximum suction power and 360 design to remove dust from anywhere. Includes complete accessory kit.
  • Digital Brushless Technology with a state-of-the-art brushless digital motor, to provide higher speed, lower noise and extend the life of the vacuum cleaner. Guarantees maximum efficiency with the Multiphasic System.
  • ForceSonic technology with a maximum power of 430 W. Vacuum all types of dirt and keep your home always clean by maximizing its 24 kPa of suction power. It incorporates a double motorized sponge brush for hard floors and a bi-material bristle and silicone brush for all types of surfaces, which makes it a powerful broom vacuum cleaner to remove all types of dirt.
  • Turbo mode is included automatically for carpets. With its ErgoFlex system you can access anywhere with a simple gesture, allowing you to vacuum the most complicated areas. Thanks to this system, this vacuum cleaner adapts to any circumstance.
  • With a 2500 mAh and 25.9 V Lithium-Ion battery that achieves autonomy of up to 65 minutes and reduces charging time. Three operating modes, Eco, Daily and Turbo, to adapt its use to each circumstance. 360º technology to reach every corner.

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‎3.38 kg


‎83 dB

Charge time

‎1 hour and 5 minutes