Cecotec Conga Home 10.000 - self-emptying station for 8,000/9,000 series


Self-emptying base with a capacity of two 2.5l compatible with the 8000 and 9000 series. It automatically detects if the device has a bag and if not, it notifies you. With the Smart Clean system you can automatically and intelligently empty the robot's solids tank. Hygienic bags facilitate non-direct contact with dust and dirt, thus avoiding getting dirty. Auto Charge: automatic battery charging.

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Suitable self-emptying station for the robot vacuum mops of the Cecotec 8.000 and 9.000 series: Conga Home 10.000

The self-emptying station for Cecotec models of the 8.000 and 9.000 series fulfils two essential tasks: it cleans the dust containers of the robot vacuum and mops as soon as they return to the station after a cleaning pass. Additionally, the robot vacuum cleaners with mop automatically charge their batteries here. The self-cleaning base Cecotec Conga Home 10.000 is equipped with automatic filter cleaning and has a dust bag with 2.5 l capacity. Thanks to the automatic dust bag detection, the Conga Home 10.000 warns you when there is no dust bag in the station.

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Model Name Cecotec Conga Home 10.000 self-emptying station for 8.000/9.000 series
Compatible with Cecotec Conga 8,000/9,000 series

‎2.5 l


‎6.1 kg




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